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The specific Ferrari Genuine wheel is an extremely lightweight multi-spoke wheel that may only be specified in conjunction with titanium studs with captive conical washers supplied with the wheel rims. This reduces rotating masses by approximately 1 Kg per wheel compared with even the most extreme optional wheel available – a 5 spoke forged component used in conjunction with steel studs. The design of the wheel is a technological and styling evolution: the forms are tauter and the spokes are narrower, creating an impression of lightness, speed and ultimate drivability.
The wheel is available in CORSA GREY ( $13,755.67 ) and DIAMOND-FINISH CORSA GREY ( $17,661.25 ) finishes.


Specific rearview mirrors decorated with the Italian flag, created exclusively for Ferrari Genuine clients, are available for the 458 Italia. These mirrors pay homage to the history and traditions of the Prancing Horse and complement the style of the 458 Italia perfectly. As a guarantee of absolute quality and durability, each mirror is painted individually by the same painting experts responsible for creating the liveries of Ferrari’s Formula 1 race cars. This mirror has been specifically designed for use on the driver side only
( LH $2,134.52 , RH $2,134.52 ).


The titanium version of the tailpipe tips developed on the same stylistic basis as the standard tailpipe tips is a perfect example of Ferrari’s constant strive for product improvement. The Ferrari logo, applied by laser micro-engraving directly on the tailpipe, completes the style of this new tailpipe. Adding the inliner which is not included in the standard version reduces exhaust fume particulate which would otherwise soil the outlet. Using titanium has reduced the overall weight of the component by 50%. Titanium gives the tailpipe tips a distinctive color, creating an attractive chromatic contrast with the bumper grille, also made in titanium, but in a darker more opaque shade resulting from the different mechanical processing, it undergoes compared with the tailpipe tips.
$1,825.00 )


Ferrari has exclusively developed exposed carbon fiber side skirts. The adoption of carbon fiber side skirts combines aggressive looks with technical excellence and focuses on reducing the overall weight of the vehicle by optimizing each component leading, in this case, to a 50% reduction in weight compared with the original part. This aesthetic solution emphasizes the racing spirit of the car, highlighting the adoption of high prestige materials and the excellence of workmanship used to make each component.
( $18,316.90 )


Conceived specifically for reduced weight, the carbon fibre engine compartment lid is made entirely from high-tech materials derived directly from motorsports. The frame, made entirely from carbon, supports a rear screen in Lexan, a polycarbonate used in racing to replace glass, which is perfectly transparent, light and – thanks to a special scratch-resistant treatment – durable. This material is not compatible with the standard heated rear screen. As a result, the connection for the heated rear screen is disabled if this option is selected. The new grilles, combined with the hood, without surrounds and fully open, ensure an improved flow of hot air from the engine. The effect obtained is a reduction in the weight of the component and improved thermal conditions of the engine compartment plus a new, extremely sporty, technical look for the car.
( Shields $10,081.51 , Filter box $8,064.63 )

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